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Give Me Everything

(5.29.14) Cocky, dominant, seductive. Are just a few of the words to describe this video. BEWARE viewing this video absolutely will make you addicted to me (if you are not already).

Duration: 12:22

Price: $35.00

PayPal reference: Product 73

2014 Cocky Flexing

(4.2.14) Brand new and sizzling cocky flexing vid, new size, new attitude. Same sexiness. Go ahead and buy my vid and fill your body with my awesomeness!

Duration: 10 mins

Price: $30.00

PayPal reference: Product 72

Basket Crushing

(28.01.14) This little basket does not stand a chance next to my powerful muscles. But it will be fun to watch.

Duration: 5:08

Price: $25.00

PayPal reference: Product 71

Flex Show Cocky

(15.11.13) 20 minutes of pure muscle awesomeness. In this extended length video, I treat you to the ultimate flexing experience. I doubt many fans will be able to handle all of the perfection in one go... its OK - I'll allow you to pause the video and come back later.

Duration: 20:10

Price: $28.99

PayPal reference: Product 70

Chest Pumping

(9.8.13)First episode of a mini series of workouts. I pump up my chest and let you watch my muscle strain and veins pop. Buy it, love it, I know you will.

Duration: 10 mins 50 secs

Price: $27.00

PayPal reference: Product 69

Hulking Out

(5.14.13) I flex out of a shirt. It literally rips at the seams because of my bulging muscles. You get to see a sleeve rip over my peaked bicep. Lots of flexing. I even pump my biceps up with workout bands.

Duration: 6 mins 46 secs

Price: $28.00

PayPal reference: Product 68

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